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Search Engine Optimization simply put is to make a website informative and well known - which means:

  • informative content - clear, descriptive, informative and organized website
  • well known website - make it known to the world by submit to listing directories, create links with other relevant websites, post articles in forums

And once you achieve the above, your site will be listed high when prospective clients do the search on major Search Engines. Here are some things you can do achieve your goals :

Simple Navigation for Humans and Search Engines :
We recommend that you should use as much of simple navigation tools as possible. If you do have to use fancy navigation system then you must either

  • have an additional simple navigation or
  • have links to all these section in your text section

Its always a good idea to have a site-map for two reasons - one to make it easy for users to see the layout of information on your website and find what they are looking for and secondly to easily allow the search engines crawlers to navigate and index your website.

Improve from within - Meta Tags :
Make sure that your pages on your website are optimized -

  • Title tag - most important of all - place a short description of pages
    most common mistake - missing "title" tag
    2nd most common mistake - same description on all the pages in the website
  • Description tag - excellent opportunity to place a summary of content of web pages
  • Keyword tag - this tag was abused in the past and hence is ignored by some search enginer like Google. Still a good opportunity to put keywords describing the content of pages - also a good place to put alternative spelling and misspelling of keywords as they won't be seen on the web page
  • Header tags - h1, h2 etc - inform the search engine about main title and secondary headings with appropriate H1 and H2 tags

Submitting pages on major search engines :
Normally search engines will automatically index web pages on your website on a regular basis. But this can sometimes a take long time to achieve or occasionally a number of pages from your website will not get indexed. Even more importantly you can control the indexing process by informing the search engines on a regular basis when you add or modify web pages on your website.

Google has a new tool, Google Sitemaps, with which you can control the submission process. NauTech customizes the Google Sitemaps for our clients website to control the submission process to maximize client's web indexing.

NauTech IT Solutions, LLC uses Google Sitemaps to inform Google's crawler about all your pages and to help people discover more of your web pages.

Google Sitemaps

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