Case Study 2 - Client Management System

The client, SHCDC, wanted a solution to their long existing headaches - centralized computerized record management for all of their divisions and programmes.

Onsite Consultation

We discussed all the available options

  • custom designed or ready made commercial packages.
  • stand alone Access based or in-house networked or web-based.
  • simple to complex.
  • cheap to expensive.
  • draw up presentation concepts for the demo phase

In the end we came up with a customized web based solution:

  • Advantage: reduces in-house networking issues; increases out of work-place availability; increases security and integrity of software; reduces long-term maintenance cost.
  • Disadvantage: complex solution - higher upfront cost, longer development cycle and in-house staff training.

Our price for the total package, expert consultation in design and development phases and a comprehensive training seminar took care of all the disadvantages.

We came up with a development cycle to suit SHCDC - we understood that they needed the look and feel of software to visualize the final product. We came up with a pricing model which had a ceiling on the cost but flexibility to modify the solutions - a three month period to modify the product: design (yes even the functional specs), outlook and extra features. This gave them a comfort feeling where they felt that the cost of product would not increase with leaps and bounds after they made the initial invested in it.

We developed the application with the initial functional specs and came up with the following working demo. During the demo presentation we discussed the pros and cons of various features of the application and came up with some obvious changes to improve the application.

In the 3 month period - we took inputs from all the users and then sat with the client and consolidated the suggestion into the new functional specs. We came up with suggestions to solve issues which are foreseeable for us but maybe not for them - we take pride in providing solutions which work and not just a product as per client's specs whether they are good or bad. Even suggesting options which would cause extra work for us (without charging them for it) - but would eventually be very helpful to them.

We developed the application with the revised functional specs and presented the beta version.

Now we had few final modification to the presentation (flow of the application) and appearance of the web-pages which resulted in this final version of the application.

Gates Mectrol - Web application

Software Development & Database Design

One element of our business requires a component selection from a "library" of over 1,500 styles. Until this year, customers had to search through a 200+ page catalog to find the appropriate shape. Sometimes, after completing the search...


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